• Bilorn Darkiron

    Bilorn Darkiron

    A stalwart Dwarf whose love of tinkering and the unknown often lead to dissaster for him, and the friends he has left.
  • Orsik Patterfoot

    Orsik Patterfoot

    A sturdy and able warrior, although the once 'patter' of his feet is now a 'clunk' of iron-shod boots.
  • Reginald Flamebritches

    Reginald Flamebritches

    A gnome wizard of some reknown. Has a habit of lighting his trousers on fire when excited.
  • Palarin Goldwin

    Palarin Goldwin

    This Dwarf has put his faith in Moradin and Bahamut to deliver the world from evil, and they have rewarded him in their own fashion.
  • Phillipe Meyer

    Phillipe Meyer

    The Inspiring Dragonborn leader of Goldwin Meyer & Co. Mercenary Group. Led the initial group that set up Goldwin Meyer Mercenary Operatives.