Flames from the Furnace

From little sparks...
...a fire does grow.

Goldings Meyer & Co, Mercenary Operatives, was hiring for its base in Fallcrest. Notices were distributed to inns and armouries across the locality. Many aspiring adventurers were gathered, and tried, with only the most promising of candidates making it through the selection process.

Golding Meyer & Co. is a peculiar mercenary force. It does not create a unified band of arms. It instead sponsors and directs individual groups of adventurers. It gathers candidates together where they can have the greatest effect and sends them on their way, hiring them out to those who have need of them. Most jobs are small, accompanying caravans, eliminating bandits, and facilitating the protection schemes offered by the firm.

Little does it know that its latest recruits are likely to be the most successful group it has ever employed, so much that their actions will develop far beyond the scope that the firm ever imagined, but through no action of the firm itself. The world itself is about to change from its imperfect balance, though when it will stabilise is beyond the sight of even the most far reaching eyes of the gods.

It is true that the mightiest fires grow from the smallest flickering sparks.

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