Outside the Glimmer

Beyond the beacon of civilisation that is the Glimmer, the ‘Wastes’ lie, about which there is little common knowledge. However, a few facts have been gleaned by senior scrying wizards, and those who live along the borders of the Glimmer.

Many of the more ‘savage’ races of the world are dominant in the wastes, along with tribes of some of the more ‘civilised’ races. Raiders from the wastes have varied from Human, to Goblin, to Giant, to Minotaur, and even elves upon occasion.

Smoke continually rises from the wastes, indicating camps, with fires built for comfort and warmth, or simply camps alight in conflict. Carrion Birds have grown large in the wastes, and any who venture beyond the borders of the Glimmer are followed by shapes in the sky, which turn and circle above their path.

Any scrying which has been conducted so as to assertain the contents of the wastes have always seen conflict. War is an absoulute in the wastes, and there is little room for those of weak stomach, bodies, or minds. The clashing of the different bands can last for days at a time, and even then, the presence of a new foe could cause one of the forces to launch itself at the newcomers.

Some buildings of the elder days exist within the wastes. These are rare havens of shelter, both from the attacks of the tribes, but also from the heat of the sun, the bite of the wind and the smoke in the air. These settlements harbour many facilities, and forges are common, but rudimentary. Any farms within these settlements are heavily guarded against attack, and those who come to a town are expected to do their share of the labour, and earn their stay.

Tales exist of times previously when a warlord from the wastes would gather many tribes to him, in an attempt to control the wastes, and conquer many of the vaunted settlements. These attempts cast the known world into a more ordered one for a short time, as the denizens of the wastes, and the world, are divided into two parts. Those who follow the warlords, and those who rise against them. The one constant in these stories are tales of the power which the warlords wield and how it corrupts them, thus leading to their inevitable downfall.

Occasionally, a large group of adventurers will band together and stray into the wastes. Sometimes they come back, other times they don’t. Any groups that do return tell harrowing tales of their times in the wastes. They are under constant assault from the elements, the creatures of the sky, the ground, and the darkness beneath. Most only found respite and shelter in the ruins of the only settlement beyond the boundary of the Glimmer, taken from the name inscribed above the ruined walls of the town; Cosn’dorcha. People of the Glimmer have set up an outpost there, that welcomes visitors and offers them a form of shelter. It too faces near constant assaults from those tribes that view it as a challenge, and the groups have gotten larger and larger over time. It is a common form of punishment, for felonies in the army to be sentences to spend time guarding Cosn’dorcha. Soldiers rarely get sentenced to the same punishment twice.

Outside the Glimmer

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