The Campaign World

The campaign centers around the town of Fallcrest. It is in the North West corner of the known world, encased in a small pocket of civilisation, known colloquially as the Glimmer. The Glimmer contains the majority of Elves, Half-elves, Dwarves, Humans and Half-lings of the world, with Dragonborn and Tieflings growing increasingly more common. The Glimmer is seperated from the rest of the world by the Dawnforge and Stonehome Mountain ranges, while the south is sheltered by the expanse of the Harken and Springlight forests. In a slight gap between the Harken and Springlight forests lies Fallcrest, just beyond the bounds of the Witchlight fens.

To say that the Glimmer is civilised does not mean that it is entirely peaceful. Violence is common, and magic is developed as much for combat as for the arts and industry. The gods are worshipped equally, and theological debates are generally more common than physical clashes. Some bandits and less civilised races sometimes find their way into the Glimmer and prey on the unsuspecting members of the cities. However, beyond the Glimmer, many ‘tribes’ reign, where war is not such much an event, than a way of life. Only the most vicious, powerful and intimidating leaders could possibly hope to sustain a society outside the Glimmer. To venture out alone from the Glimmer is considered suicide, and even large military forces simply disappear. The glimmer is but a dim and insignificant light in the darkness.

The population of Fallcrest are hardy and industrious, with a large number of mercenaries and entrepreneurs. The city boasts a solid defence, and has repulsed many forces from beyond the confines of the Glimmer. Attacks have become more and more common of late, but this has been met with increased numbers of adventurers heading for Fallcrest looking for their fortunes. Goldwin Meyer and Co. has encouraged this kind of development and have been working to create greater security in the Glimmer, and the timing could not have been better.

A picture of the Nentir vale, around fallcrest, can be found here:

The Campaign World

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