The Societies of The Glimmer

There are four major societies within the Glimmer.

In the North-West, the Humans are most dominant. They maintain a Theocracy known as Lorinan. their cities are filled with temples to the Gods of the World. The ruler of Lorinan, is the High Priestess of Erathis, as the people of the Glimmer, recognise the Goddess of Civilisation as the patron of the continued peace within the Glimmer. The People of Lorinan are also represented by the High Priest of Pelor and the High Priest of Avandra, because of the importance of Agriculture(which relies on the sun) and of Trade. Elves and Dwarves are represented by the High Priestess of Correlon and the High Priest of Moradin. Dragonborn, while being a rather small majority within Lorinan, are represented by the High Priest of Bahamut, and are held in high regard and are often consulted before the dwarves or elves in times of crisis. All races are welcomed within Lorinar, although its reaches are heavily policed to prevent the citizens from becoming ‘uncivilised’.

In the South, the Elves maintain cities, both within and on the borders of the Harken and Springlight Forests, in a region known as Windrise. They are ruled by an Emporer, who is advised by a council. The Emporer is elected, although, the council retain the power to reject a candidate for the throne. The Council comprises of representatives from the nobles houses of the Elves and Eladrin, with Eladrin holding a majority, despite the greater numbers of Elves within the society. Magical ability is almost a pre-requisite for political success within Windrise society, with magical ability equated with breeding and education. Any children of the high houses without any magical ability are often hushed up and quietly disowned, staying on as house servants or soldiers. Other races are few within Windrise, and have little power politically, although their contributions to society are welcomed. The elves tend to make up the militias and patrols of the forests. They have been fighting a continuing battle against the Goblins who have swarmed the forests in favour of the cover of the forest as opposed to the large open plains of the Wastes. Gnomes are a common visitor within the forests, and are greeted warmly.

In the East, the Dwarves are ruled by a council of leaders of their respective towns and cities. These leaders are selected for their martial prowess, and tactial acumen. They can be challenged by any Dwarf who has reached majority, but any challenges that occur are until one fighter or the other gives up. Most fights are, therefore, to the death. The militaristic ruling is justified by the frequent attacks over the mountains that the Dwarves experience, and leaders are expected to take command of any military forces present at such engagements to defend their people. Other races are valued for their magical ability and battle prowess, with the Dwarves refusing to recognise an ambassador until they have proved their worth in a front line defence. Any race which proves their worth in battle is welcomed gladly into the holds, keeps and hearts of the Dwarves. The dwarves have an uneasy pack with the Goliaths in the mountain ranges, and face constant, if sporadic attacks from Orcs and any allies their Warlords can muster during their, often brief, reigns.

In the south-eastern plains a mercenary culture exists, the lands having been reclaimed from the wastes by mercenary forces. A proud tradition that is embodied by Goldwin and Meyer Enterprises who have made their homes in Fallcrest. The towns are filled with all the races of the Glimmer, who seek a new and freer lifestyle. The towns are generally ruled over by whoever can afford to protect the enclosures, and the guards needed to protect it. Other than that there are few rules in the towns other than not bothering others in the town overly, or affecting their freedom. Taxes are taken as a given, but they aren’t excessive and large enough mercenary groups can often get exemptions. The style of ruling within any particular town, are often influenced by whichever of the other major societies is nearest. Many are run by the richest nobles within the town, such as Fallcrest and Northwind. Others such as Hammerfast (A largely dwarfish town just to the west of the the Dawnforge mountains) and Oromir (A halfling town northwest of the Winterbole forest.) are based on a title passed from parent to child. Others still, such as Nenlast and Winterhaven, are ruled commonly, by election.

The Societies of The Glimmer

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